Review: Webtoons… Many…

It’s been long since I starting read webtoons. Webtoons is a nice approach for some kind of digital entertainment, updated weekly so that fans don’t have to wait too long for their cliffhanger relief, and most important part is, It’s free… legally. Author get paid depend on each release’s visit number and no more piracy fear from scanlation… Yay for the free!
Like manga, there are many genres we can choose according to each one’s preference. Me? I’m omnivore, kuma bear, as long as the story is good I’ll devour It. What is good? Well, if I can predict the story line then It’s not good enough.
So I’m making review here for several webtoons titles I already read so far….

1. Noblesse
This is a story about vampire, eugh… yeah typical vampire theme story, named Rai who is handsome like god, very strong if not the strongest one (just like Saitama), having First Pentium as brain processor or literally an idiot but still classy. After waking up from his half millennium sleeping handsome, Rai soon being taken care by Frankenstein, his also handsome servant who suffers some severe master complex disease. So then they fight bad vampires, bad scientists, bad mutants and bad whatever. As the story develop, some enemies become allies, some will be just bye bye (hint: if you’re not handsome then you are bye bye). The fight, is typical, starting with strong merciless enemy who beat your good friends, making reader upset and then comes the hero, demonstrate some unbelievable power like never seen before, and one minute later the enemy is down… yeah, typical. IF Noblesse was a romance I’ll probably toss It away, immediately, just like other twilight series, but thank God It’s an action story… and comedy too, funny as hell, I say, for It often caught me in an unexpected moment of seriousness.

2. Tower of God
TOG is a story about Bams who has been stalking his friend named Rachel and then involved in some continuous tests and battles with purpose of getting to next upper floor in some kind of godly size tower. The number of floor in this gigantuous tower is still unknown but the size of each floor equals to the size of a continent, having it’s own town and people. In early chapters, TOG’s art kind of poor and messy, but don’t let that stop you because the story development is awesome, unpredictable, and quite addictive. What I like from TOG’s story is not only about how It develops each character but also how It turns enemy into friend or friend into cunning enemy in such an unpredictable way.

3. Girls of the Wild’s
School of Wild used to be an all girl school but opened to boy just recently. Song Jae Gu, a poor living boy is getting a scholarship to attend Wild but then found himself as the only boy in the whole school, yeah.. harem typical style, except the fact that all girls in the school are strong in martial arts, they can build their own dojo. So Jae Gu’s role turns not only into the only student boy but also the weakest creature among Wild’s ecosystem. I usually hate harem or reverse harem type of story, but It’s nice to see Jae Gu grows and become stronger little by little.

4. Untouchable
Aaah… vampire again, except now they don’t suck blood anymore but instead they draw energy from people by touching them. It’s a romance comedy about Sia Lee who falls in love with Jiho’s energy and desperate to touch him. But unfortunately Jiho suffers from mysophobia, he dislike anyone touching his things or his body. It’s a typical romance story where one person is superior while the other suffers from some kind of drawbacks. Well at least It’s funny and see how Sia nicknames Jiho as ‘chicken’ (as in food) which starting from some weird eat experience analogy.

5. Chiller
Horroooorr!!! And It’s moviiiing! Not enough? Well It also has sound effect toooo. Each chapter stands alone, written by many authors, so we can experience many style in art and story telling.

6. Blue Chair
Slice of life, each chapter stands alone, no relevance to previous one. Short easy to read story that you can enjoy in bus stop or train or while waiting something. Here’s the good part, you can interact with the author using comment section, put some ideas for the author to make next story about.

7. For The Sake Of Sita
Short romance story about a Korean surgeon who fall in love with an ex-priestess now prostitute from Pakistan. They get married but then the wife died because of some incurable disease. The husband feeling extreme grief then made a plead with goddess of Sita so that he can meet with his wife again. The goddess agree, but the surgeon must make a mystery bargain in return. A very touching story, and what more is… great art! Design and color are beautiful the whole series!

8. Annarasumanara
Short story about a poor high school student girl who meet a street magician. But hey! It’s not romance! It’s drama about life. The magician performs magic, but It maybe also non-magic, kind of mystery. The design is deep, black and white (with some red when the author want to emphasize some part), simple but unique and you can see many analogy picture too.

9. Cheese In The Trap
Well Ami said she want to make review for this one, so I’ll just skip the explanation for the future. But mine is just a short review, right? Right? Maybe just a little… Cheese In The Trap is a story about-… naah, let Ami review It.

There are many good webtoons too which are not reviewed here yet. Well don’t expect the review, since this is written only by mood…. hahaha cheers!


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