!crap: I suddenly feel for humanity

What is definition for rich?

I’m rich.
I have millions in my bank account. There comes a donation request. I have millions in my bank account, but I still need house, so I refused to donate that much.

I’m rich.
I have money and house. My friend need hospital fee. I have money and house, but I still need car, so I’ll just help a little bit. Plus I’ll pray for his recovery, praying doesn’t cost me any money.

I’m rich.
I have money, house, and car. There comes an old faraway uncle asking for house rent’s loan. But I heard some investment opportunities, the timing is important. Hmm… It’s not like this guy will be able to pay anytime soon, so I’ll just lend him a little.

I’m rich.
I eat nice food at garden cafe, there comes a hungry homeless asking for a share. Shame on him, he should get a job. Can’t get a job? Blame the governor. I won’t give any.

I’m rich.
I’m on my way to drink coffee at St*rbucks. Saw scavenger digging the trash bin. Good luck mister, sorry can’t help ya, that would mean no St*rbucks coffee for the day.

I’m rich.
My house is big. An earthquake happened. A room crumbled in my house, thankfully not as bad as my poor neighbor, he lost the entire wooden house. Sorry can’t help, I have my own room to be repaired.

I’m rich.
I have two houses. But I have three kids, so that means I must get another house more. Each kid will get one. Poor people? Why should I help them when their own family doesn’t even care for them?

I’m rich.
I always have quite sum left from my income each month, my dream is to enroll my children at international school next decade. My housekeeper is having trouble with her child’s monthly school tuition. I can help but I must ensure my own children’s future too. Well, It’s not like I don’t have enough saving for kids already, but more prestigious school abroad is better, right?

I’m rich.
I have house, car, saving, and position. But my rival is better than me. I can’t be too generous to the poor, not now, that will make my assets lesser than my rival and we’re still on competition. But hey, I can donate quite a sum for my boss’s birthday gift, It’s an investment to ensure promotion.

I’m rich.
I have a successful company. But I want to expand further, further, and further like those billionaires. I’ll postpone the donation until I’m big enough. Nothing’s wrong with It. The poor just need to wait a little bit.

I’m rich, very logical, and opportunity seeker.
It’s not like I’m being petty here. If I die, you can take my inheritance, but while I’m still living alive, let me enjoy It myself. It’s the fruit of my own hard work after all. I’m gonna make my kids happy with treasure.

So am I rich? Try watch these video…

You know what? These video taught me that you don’t need that much money or asset to be rich, cause rich is in our character.

Having big money in hands is nice, but then we’ll keep want something more, because there will be someone above us and we can’t resist the opportunity to grasp something we know we can have but can’t if we’re being too generous now. No one hates getting better, or having more. But some people just forget how to share, or get biased about how much is adequate to share.

Yeah, many human depend their future on money, assets, power, and credibility. Some of us might even hide in a reason such as working and saving hard so that kids can have big inheritance. Well nothing’s wrong with It, but just don’t overdo It. Even when they’re rich after your death, fate can make them poor instantly.
Don’t get too scared of the future man, trust God that He’ll take care on your beloved ones even when something unexpected happened — as for the time being, just help people around you, while you still can (but don’t get me the wrong idea, you don’t have to sell all of your assets to help all people in the world, there are lots of them). Just care enough for the people in front of you, having a hard time, which is now.
How big is enough to share? Well, something around “you’re starting to feel hurt a bit when about giving It”, keep repeating, increasing a bit when you stop feeling hurt, and by the end of the process…. hear this:

Fella, you’re rich!

(PS: But beggars in Indonesia are different from homeless in USA. Yeah, our beggars are actually rich, they have big house… hahaha)


2 pemikiran pada “!crap: I suddenly feel for humanity

  1. Nice post, nene~! :*
    Actually, the homeless people here sometimes aren’t much different from what we meet in Indonesia. Well, the only difference may be that they don’t have big houses waiting for them. In a way I think you’re right, that the least we have, the less worry we are to loose them. That old man from the video truly shows that.

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