Review: Tahilalats

Title: Tahilalats
Author: Nurfadli Mursyid

This time I am sharing my thought on local comic created by Nurfadli Mursyid with title Tahilalats. In English, “tahi lalat” means mole. I am not sure if “Tahilalats” means moles, or Nurfadli just added “s” to make it sound different. Still, the title has no correlation whatsoever with its contents.

On first glimpse, this comic was not too “attractive” for me simply because of its drawing. Of course later on I had to take back my words, but what made me surprised was few comments available in some chapters. Some readers had requested the author to “improve” or “enhance” the drawing to be…”better”. Even though initially I was not appealed by the drawing, I did not think that Nurfadli should have changed his drawing style. Drawing style is a signature of author’s originality anyway, so that kind of request actually asking Nurfadli not to be himself. Unbelievable. What did they mean by “better” anyway? Everyone has his or her different opinion on what is good or not!

Anyway, enough with the rant 🙂

After reading some of the strips, I found out that this comic is funnier and smarter than its first impression. Nurfadli has his own perspective in approaching daily topics or current trends with such unexpected result.

Above strip, for example, pointed out online service which is currently booming in Indonesia, with focus specifically on Go-Jek (notice the logo and green color which are Go-Jek trademark). Go-Jek, which started as online Ojek (taxi motorbike) service, has been expanding its service covering food delivery, package delivery, cleaning service, and many more. Why won’t it be expanded to online Odomg-odong (portable toy-car)? 🙂

Some of his humor actually felt a bit darker, yet somehow I still enjoy it. Below strip highlighted teenagers pregnancy which somehow perceived as common thing, even parents could accept it normally without any issue (I do hope it is not the reality!).

Or his joke on people addiction on social network. Even when their life in danger, people might think to update their Facebook or Instagram status first before realize that they need to save their own lives!

I think Nurfadli has been successfully introducing new flavor in comic strip world, particularly in Indonesia. I know there might be more strips similar like Nurfadli out there, so I am looking forward to explore more local comic strips moving forward. Nevertheless, Tahilalats has become one of my favorites strips 🙂
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